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Mentalist ,
Hahaha, well said :). I posted that message like 20 minutes before the party I guess, then saw that you were active and headed towards it, so I made sure to jump in in time to be there.
Much respect. I've never earned a sword, so I'm really looking forward to mine.

- Posted by Mauna Loa

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Bobby Buffalo ,
The only towel here is the the wet one I'm cracking on your back champ
Surrender? You mean yours?
Pity I can't see your tank from the top of Mount Olympus

- Posted by venom


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Might B 2 Late You are the biggest loser in the entire world and you are so lucky you deactivated me. I guarantee you wouldn't try and deactivate me to my face.
You are a complete loser.
I am MUCH better than you at Tankpit and you will never amount to the man that I am.
You are a terrible person, a horrible husband, a worthless brother and a dumb man.
I am better than you at everything.

- Posted by decreaser