About TankPit

TankPit is a remake of a classic online multiplayer game called Battlefield which debuted on bonus.com in 1997 and was later moved to playbattlefield.com. One of the first games of its kind, Battlefield was popular with thousands of players throughout its life. The game was sadly shut down in 2008.

Started in 2012, TankPit's objective was to restore and maintain the game that many of us loved and grew up with. TankPit aims to modernize and improve upon the classic game while retaining its core strengths and bringing it to new platforms and audiences.

TankPit is operated by a software developer and veteran player. It is actively under development but due to limited time and resources it remains a long work in progress. Graphical design contributions have been made by several other players and donations have covered the costs of hosting the game. The game wouldn't be around without its passionate community of players.

Whether you're an older veteran or a new player, we welcome you and hope you'll enjoy the game!

- TankPit HQ