Frequently Asked Questions

Game Problems

If your browser is unable to connect to the game, here are some troubleshooting steps to try:

  • Try a different browser. Recent versions of all the major browsers should be supported.
  • Force refresh the play page to make sure your browser is using the latest version of the game.
  • Ensure that a firewall or anti-virus isn't blocking your connection. TankPit uses WebSockets.
  • Locate the Javascript Console in your browser and check for any error messages.
  • Try again later. The game might be down for maintenance in which case nobody can connect.

For additional assistance or help with specific errors please contact us.

You can change the game size in the game settings panel on the play page. By default, the "Automatic" setting will select a size based on your browser window size.

You can change the game sound volume in the game settings panel on the play page. You can also use Hotkeys, by default "+" and "-", to increase or decrease the volume while playing.

You can customize your game hotkeys in the game settings panel on the play page. On the "Hotkeys" tab you will see a list of actions with their associated hotkeys. To remove a hotkey, click the "-" button beside it. To add a hotkey, select the "add key" box for the action, press the key on your keyboard, and then click the "+" button.

Please report any bugs you find to us so that we can fix them. Players who report bugs may qualify for the Defender of Truth award, so be sure to tell us first!

When reporting a bug, include a clear description of the problem. If you know how to reproduce the problem, include that in your bug report. You can include screenshots or even video clips if necessary to clearly explain the problem.

Cheating is not tolerated in TankPit and we strive to uphold the integrity of the game. If you know of someone cheating, please report them including their tank name, the approximate time (including timezone), and a description of how they were cheating.

Note that there are no known hacks for TankPit, so don't be too quick to assume someone is cheating. If another player is simply moving faster than you, lag us usually to blame.

Also note that we do not police free kills in regular play; they are only considered cheating in tournaments.

You may have been banned from tournaments for giving free kills, which is considered cheating in tournaments. Contact us for more details.

To discourage lame playing such as giving yourself free kills, our anti-cheat system may detect and block kills from related accounts and IPs. To avoid triggering this anti-cheat system, we recommend never sharing your account with another player.

Your ping is the time it takes for a command to travel from your computer to the TankPit server and back. You can check your ping in game by pressing the ping hotkey (F6 by default). A great ping is under 100ms while a poor ping is over 500ms. Players with lower pings may have a very slight advantage in the game, especially in large battles, but it's generally insignificant.

Your ping depends on your physical distance from TankPit's server, so there's not much you can do to improve it.

We are experimenting with a new feature called anti-Q-low which prevents players from quitting the game while they're under heavy attack or low on fuel.

Note that if your tank abruptly disconnects when it would not have been allowed to quit, for example because your browser or internet crashed, your tank will unfortunately be stuck inside the game. It will go uncontrollable for a short time and then your shields will be turned on and it will be left in the game either until it's allowed to quit or until it's deactivated. If you reload the game at any time during this period, you will automatically reconnect and be able to resume playing.

This is a feature we added to prevent players from breaking into an opponent's base by switching to their color and moving obstacles inside the base to open up unmined spots. Now, the game automatically plants mines under a moved obstacle if it detects that you might be inside a base.

Most of the awards are earned for in-game achievements, but the Defender of Truth, Purple Heart, War Correspondent, and Lightbulb awards are earned outside the game. To win these awards you have to submit an entry to TankPit HQ. For more information check the special awards page.

User Accounts

If you forgot your password, you can reset it via the forgot password page.

If someone has stolen your account, contact us immediately and we will attempt to rectify the situation. We recommend using a unique username and password to maximize your account security.

There is no guarantee that deleted tanks can be restored, but contact us and we will attempt to help you.

We charge players $25 to change your tank name. This is to raise funds for supporting the game as well as to discourage players from changing their tank names too frequently. There is automatic payment support for PayPal or Bitcoin. Contact us for help or assistance.

We charge players $25 to change your tank color. This is to raise funds for supporting the game as well as to discourage players from changing their tank color too frequently. There is automatic payment support for PayPal or Bitcoin. Contact us for help or assistance.

You can not transfer awards or stats from one tank to another.

We use swear filters to prevent players from creating inappropriate tank names. Unfortunately these filters sometimes have false positives and block legitimate tank names. If this is happening to you, please contact us with the tank name you'd like and we will create it for you.

In the past, we limited the amount of tanks allowed on an account so some players created multiple accounts. When we removed this limit, we added a feature to merge your account.

We do not currently support merging accounts that belong or originally belonged to other players.


One way to support TankPit is by paying for a tank name or color change. You can also donate to us directly.

If you are skilled in graphic design, web design or development and interested in contributing to TankPit we'd be happy to hear from you. TankPit is currently closed source.

We have a primitive API available which currently provides access to publicly available data only.

We do not have advertisement links anywhere on our website, so if you are seeing strange links they were most likely added by a program on your computer. Check your computer or browser for adware or other malicious programs.

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