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Bobby Buffalo ,
Lmao the only people running from you have different reproductive organs and they’re running irl (prob afraid you want to eat them lookin like an obese Hannibal). If you want to role play I recommend spending that “$5000” on a hooker to listen to your pathetic make believe self stroking. Maybe they’ll cut you a discount if you finish faster than you type a BB post oh the suspense…this is your 1 reply so savor it. See ya in game weirdo.

- Posted by Doc Holiday

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Mauna Loa ,
You were present for it. Just some more pixels. What's attached to your tank matters far less than how you drive it ;)

- Posted by SWs blind eye

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I've grown tired of seeing your puny, red tank on the battlefield. However, as a gesture of good will, I've written you a poem.
Roses are red, violets are blue, cross my path again on the field and I will deactivate you [end]
You're a major pain, not a major. Soon, you will be back at the ranks of recruit where you belong.
So long, pip squeak.
Worst regards,

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo

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Doc Holiday
The sparrows have spoken, and you have been marked. As I write this scroll, they are circling your tank - ready to peck the vile veneer off of your rusty tank.
The time is near that the Prophecy of the Elders will play out on the battlefield. You're a fool, so you're probably not familiar with the prophecy. TLDR: It's good for me, and bad for you.

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo

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This dance has become tiresome. I think it's time you "threw in the towel" and sat idly by while I deactivate you. Your shots are comparable to gnats on a 10,000 LB gorilla. Your strategy? Laughable. Your decorations? As far as I'm concerned, anything earned prior to me entering the battle zone isn't truly earned.
Surrender now, and I promise you will be last to walk the plank.
Worst regards,

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo