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Can we get some map rotation in 2024? We all love Desert, but sometimes a change of pace would be nice. Especially given that we have almost 40 maps to choose from.
A monthly poll would be perfect in my opinion.
Keep getting out there and shooting.

- Posted by Mauna Loa


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LMAO Detroit Prototype
Nice try!
Who's yer fuggin daddy?
Try again you weak a$$ poosay
Can't cup legit beta a$$ nobody
Cheatin stank a$$ poosay whipped Betch smfd
Find a new hobby you weak spineless underling ORRR
Just Up yer game and SWALLOW MY THICC STEAMING LOAD you fking cmdumpster
TRIPLE FKIN CROTCHCHOP gfy bro everyone hates u say hi to ur mom for me


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Congrats SWs blind eye on the Golden Cup tonight, and well done taking the small red raid afterwards.
First of many Hawaiian Volcano team raids hopefully.

- Posted by Mauna Loa

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Painful Quandary ,
Obviously not you.

- Posted by Prototype

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Glad to see my rightfully earned cup was taken from me. It's like the refs during the Dallas game. So poetic :) For the record, I have no idea who 'Prototype' is...but I am sure that will fall on deaf ears. #DeckerReported #DetroitvsEverybody

- Posted by Detroit

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Detroit ,
Well I haven't been in diapers in over 30 years so I'm not sure what your point is. You'd think someone with your experience wouldn't die in less than 30 mins....unless of course it was planned. And yea I get it, I'd have a Lambo if I wanted one, but I
waste my time actively competing in contests for prizes I don't want. Do everyone a favor and save your "just messing around" for main map.

- Posted by Anim Pakal