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Smokescreen ,
Same man. Kind of just playing to play at the moment. See you around

- Posted by Hiei

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Bobby Buffalo
I don't see any golden chalice next to your tank yet
Have you yet prospered against all odds to grasp victory against the unforgiving hordes of a 1 hour melee?
Methinks not
I need not even make a dent in your shields - it seems the other day you were overwhelmed by my presence and you simply forgot to turn them on
Nonetheless, your tank was a welcome addition to my trophy case and to find that I was for a time, the #1 tank in the game - small bonus

- Posted by v 3 n 0 m

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$500 is how much the bottle of wine cost that I popped open after I first made it to the rank of sergeant.
$5000 is the cost of the bottle of wine that I just popped open a few moments ago after I received my third star. My path to conquest knows no boundaries, and I take no prisoners. I suggest you hide in fear next time you see me on the battlefield (it will be futile because I will find you and deactivate you into oblivion).

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo

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- Posted by Sslump

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Doc Holiday Sparky
I could smell the fear on your treads as soon as you entered the battle arena. I knew that if I fired my rounds your direction that you would teleport away in terror.
Want my advice?
Keep on evading - it's much safer that way.
Anyone who impedes my path to victory will be deactivated, and that goes double for you two.

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo

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When is the sword party?!

- Posted by Mauna Loa


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Bobby Buffalo Stay off the drugs!

- Posted by Smokescreen