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Smokescreen ,
Lol 2 hour map maintenance... Right. You can't stay on one tank for more than 2 hours. How about you focus on not off screening everyone you shoot with when there's several other fuels on both your screens to begin with. Or how about focusing on not being selfish by splitting (2) barrels of 900+ fuel. Leaving roughly 200ish behind while you attempt a delayed fuel jack on your partner when they move for fuel.. or focus on not being one of the games lamest trolls.

- Posted by Responding Fuel

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not fooln ne1 idiot So you think I’m Mauna Loa ? Myself and a few others were about to raid him while I was on my new tank King David and he said Be Right Back and left the game. We did raid and deactivate Jinx though. I do claim to be jf because I have always been jf. On bonus, playbattlefield, utanks and now here. See you out there.

- Posted by jf


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Smokescreen ,
Don’t kid yourself.

- Posted by idolize -- FUEL


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Free Time Buzz Off!

- Posted by POSH SPICE