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Mauna Loa ,
Hope there’s no hard feelings. I’m out for blood until I get my triple star on this tank for the year. After that I’ll gladly just get points with you or whoever else.

- Posted by Druscashti

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Grifter ,
I'm not covering anything... i have zero to hide in this. Server access? Don't be ridiculous dude. Those teleports happen, and you know it. I've witnessed them and wondered myself.
You got out played, went back and re-searched your nerd video because you were flabbergasted that someone beat you. You then headed straight to cry to the devs salivating over a dot opportunity.
I don't know you, but judging by your tanks, it makes total sense. Get outside a bit.

- Posted by Sable

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Grifter ,
I wish I had one. Sorry, I don't nerd out and record myself in tankpit tournaments.
I would love to see a replay. SW, if you have it... post it. I came across you quite a few times in that tournament. Upload your full tournament and link us. Don't post a 30 second clip and exclude the entire tournament, and don't come back with "I deleted it". Let's be real dude, you have every second of play footage trying to sniff out another dot.

- Posted by Sable


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- Posted by aliens meme guy


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Grifter ,
We can bring up a tournament from last week.
Post your Christmas day silver (almost was a bronze) where I came around you (being in 3rd) in a 4 man tournament with RollerZ sniping me the entire time.
Go ahead buddy... let's see those mad HAXXX. Please upload and link the bb for everyone to see it. Don't try to blast me with some bs like this.
Pathetic fool.
SW, feel free to email me. I don't have discord or any other method.

- Posted by Sable

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I didn't mean to die my Wi-Fi had cut outSwan Song

- Posted by 253rdST-HxC-oreo