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venom ,
Man, is that all? I might be able to do that during my lunch break. Great heads up.
In other news, welcome all to 2024. Let's make this a great year.

- Posted by Mauna Loa

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man! people you know this game its almost dead when you see that the main news of the page stays the same.and were on the 2/1/2004 already!.its all going on the wrong direction.but thats all thanks to the managment thats goin on..soon people will even migth gaing a gold tornament medal...and its not even me that will be there trying it..managment workers of this game please dont let this game die like this.

- Posted by F2bBacK

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Sable ,
You dont see 0 or 1 turn teleports with 1 tank on screen w/steady 18ms ping shooting you. I have hrs and hrs of tourneys posted I welcome you if you aren’t in fact the dev to reveal yourself and skim the 50+hrs of footage I have posted where this happens, it doesn’t. Sure you being exposed has 0 to do with troll tourn schedule either lol talk is cheap video doesnt lie anybody who understands the basic turn system knows those ports were cheating. Lets do a sideXside clip review>>>

- Posted by Grifter

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Sable ,
Have SW post replay footage/post it urself. Teleport requires 2 turns period. 1 turn open map 1 turn port but here u are defying the rules of the game code. Cant do that w/out server access. Where would u get that I wonder? U outted yourself with the dot sub comment how would u know I subbed? U think I plan to win like there will be any or they arent biased? That was a snide sub genius. Ya I know u worded it to CYA sure is random of u to mention tho…So many coincidences in 24hrs😉

- Posted by Grifter

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Well played, Druscashti .
Congrats on the single star. I thought we were just casually getting in some PPH, and it took me off guard that you had mined the field. Then I had no equipment, and the group's relentless attacks prevented me from filling my extra radars so you were able to deactivate me again once I ran out.
Well played and thanks for the lesson. I'll know that we are truly fighting next time I'm on the field.

- Posted by Mauna Loa

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How does a 2024 tank already have a special!?!

- Posted by Prototype

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Mooseknuckle , I can confirm he is bringing in multiple tanks at once to run around and chase you and troll you... all he's doing is running off active players... management needs to do something about it. Not playing until he is dealt with. Cant pph with him or even shoot bots and try to ignore him. This game is already at rock bottom - fix it.

- Posted by Klipsch