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decreaser ,
the fk you got was my color I wasn't there..1 person was lol I'm glad you know what all the music is. Big fan eh? I pressed F12 2x and clicked're on what post 100? where you can't keep my name or d1k out your mouth? The only thing you own is an abundance of free time thanks to uncle sam/mom&dad paired with a mental illness&pathetic life attempting to troll. You want my socials? You can creep those from your fake profiles then come hide here on BB to trash talk more 🤡

- Posted by Doc Holiday

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You place way too much stock in the tpbb, you're toxic to everyone out of thin air and you're obviously overly familiar with everyone's identity. That you again, Sigma?

- Posted by venom

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decreaser ,
Better at life than you, better at tankpit(even tho it’s your life) better looking, more successful. I can see why you’re so frustrated. Maybe find a new hobby, or go fail at some relationships for awhile and try a diff form of attention seeking behavior. I think the only thing lost here is how sad you look. You offer nothing but jealousy masked as hate from a "secret" tank. LMK when you want to make any empirical comparisons based in reality and not your dream world of words.

- Posted by Doc Holiday


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Mauna Loa ,
what's the difference between main and V2 discord?

- Posted by TimeToSuffer198