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Doc Holiday oh MAN, I just watched your pathetic tributes to me on your 12 sub YouTube channel and now I feel worse for you now than I did before.
You literally posted a video of me achieving Captain in a tournament as a lone wolf and finishing in 2nd place, all while you and a group of 5 tanks tried to take me down and weren't able to... and I'm supposed to feel insulted? You were 10th place lieutenant! Hilarious!
Thank you for proving to me that I'm better than you with your own video!

- Posted by decreaser

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Shining Sword party. 22:59 to 23:00 EDT Monday, March 25th! Top right corner.

- Posted by Mauna Loa


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I've got news for you bozo:
The only reason I died in the last tournament is because I was literally running a fever, and I was uncorking my bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild, circa 2000 (I wouldn't expect you to understand, considering you drink wine from a box, but some of us have class and taste).
Grow a brain.
Worst regards,

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo

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First tournament and I secured a hard earned gold! GG everyone who also played!

- Posted by PushinP