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That sad moment when you realize that your new tank just passed your tank from 2013 on the overall leaderboard.
Let's keep it going in 2024 guys! :)

- Posted by Mauna Loa


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wheredem volcanoslol.
You'll find us when you least expect us ;)

- Posted by Mauna Loa


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Karahan Tepe,
I guess you can’t read. That was your 3rd or 4th attempt correct. You serg tricked on Namek and still placed 5th genius. It’s also lieu you illiterate moron. I didn’t sit 1v1 for any amount of that tournament. I shot your little teammate all of 5 shots before you showed up you dumb c4nt. In case you didn’t notice you lost because you didn’t 1v1. But hey feel free to keep babbling about whatever it is your goal is tampon b4tch.

- Posted by Karahan Troll

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shut up kayne,
Not me, I do not communicate with any other players except for here on the BB. Nice try!
Sslurp it up and take your spankings coffee aka bluntz

- Posted by Sslump