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solar salt ,
Alas....a fellow dispatcher of Ashrak2002 . I highly doubt he'll be answering...but he already was and is an eternal newb lol

- Posted by - Titanium -

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solar salt
Wow, after all this time you are going to start up on me again outta the blue? Sad life you must have. I have never cried because of this game unlike you. Looks like you are gonna provide some good entertainment for me until you give up once again

- Posted by Ashrak2002


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31G Ricky Bobby -LegioN- MamaXiangQi hiddeN Agenda
Can you guys please stop playing tournaments and practice more in the main map?
You guys screw someone, if not several people out of cups who are serious about playing this game.
It's almost every single tournament!!

- Posted by kaYNe

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sneaky little boy you're not as sneaky as you think you are Sonny. I mean sneaky enough I guess for an uninvolved admin to not notice, but anyone paying attention can easily see that kaYNe (ahem I mean the cheating dot head) is still up to his same old tricks. What's that twice now you've quit out early after your free kill? Just to come back disappointed lmao. Pretty sad that you play tournaments just to cheat. Your poker friends in the back room of the 7eleven aren't impressed.

- Posted by Carry my goat