#1251 in Overall
#33 in 2019
August 2019
United States
BF Tank
CoL XiangQi


MamaXiangQi's RESUME: -Creator of legendary Psycho Maze map 2020 and earned the rare Purple Heart -Survivor of many raids by Veteran Players -Pro Tip Resource for Newbies, Wannabe Pros, and Nuisance players who get super Salty over my skills. -Unrightfully Tournament Banned ..Recent TOP accomplishments: -Achieving Silver Cup as a Major in a 20+ Player Tourney as "CoL XiangQi" JAN 13, 2022 at RURA PENTHE -Achieving Top 100 in the main map (Rank #97 as of this writing 1/14/2022)


Rocks and Swamp Jul 09, 2020 09:06- 10:06

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