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Also you forgot to top 25 in R&S... Thanks we were great i know! haha

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Yeah, -LegioN- somehow died in the tournament on 2/26 with 6 people and cost me gold. I'm guessing 'CREAM' follows the same money scheme pattern as whoever has been winning lately. Lucky i haven't been playing... well, maybe not. He'd just get fk'd again.
Looks like -LegioN- died to the same person on 3/12 as well. Interesting pattern there.

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kaYNe , Psychotic Asian -- Im a spokesperson for MamaXiangQi . The 2v1 against the E sergeant appeared to be open for one tank. kaYne got free kill by simply hitting the tank which didnt give any effort to fight back or run away.
Psychotic Asian: Mama and Chen are not related in any way. Please don't take them as bears for hibernation as it is a bear market. Since I have insider information about MamaXiangQi , she has lost her voice and can't speak. So, have you figured out who I am?

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