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Banned like Trump because I am too effective like him. Optimus Prime lol it's true. he didn't even report his seizures to VAERS. What a weak human to take the vax because he is scared that they may ask him to take it in the future. No dignity or spine

MamaXiangQi it's true, Lining up to inject man made DNA (gross) inside himself for money. What does that remind you of? He'll defend it to the grave despite the numbers.

itscake slave to ZOG and big pharma. Very weak! Stay triggered

- Posted by JamesChen

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What did you say upiece of crap dead americans lol? Dead americans is no laughing manner, i had to bury many brothers in the heat of battle. Thanks us for our service as we fought for freedom and democracy in the middle east keeping U safe and women right to vote. Thanks to us you can enjoy you freedoms at home as we fight them there so you wont have to fight them here. You will never know how it is to run over a child in Afganistan or suffer through the PtSd we had for u freedom.

- Posted by Real US Army Vet

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say that to the face of a veteran and see how fast they kick your butt and embarass you like we did the woman haters in the middle east

- Posted by Real US Army Vet