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Let's me be abundantly clear:
You are nothing but a fly on the carcass of the last tank I deactivated, and I am the king of the jungle. That is to say, I am King Kong.
Remember that King Kong film where the fly killed him? Neither do I.
Worst regards,

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo

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This game is kind of boring now. It's strange to be able to relate to Michael Jordan, but I now understand how he feels.
The game is boring because no one is on my level. Losers like Veil, Lucky Luciano, Doc Holiday, Smokescreen, etc. all try and gang up on me, but that's the only way they can even get close to the feeling of winning.
Sadly, it's the closest you bags of stinking trash will ever get.

- Posted by decreaser

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Even when it's 5 against me, I send you idiots scrambling for fuel and equipment so fast that I can only sit and laugh. I remember when there used to be real competition in this game, back in the BF days.
You guys are too soft. I challenge you to actually fight back. Quit running away from me! Stop quitting the game!
Show some backbone. Prove to me that you actually have a spine.
Face the music.
Because when you fire a shot at me....
It's over. And you cowards know it.

- Posted by decreaser

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Smokescreen You are without question the 2nd biggest fraud in all of Tankpit (1st place goes to the king of all losers, Doc Holiday. It's so hilarious seeing what everyone says about him behind his back on Discord)
Why don't you actually show your playtime and deactivation stats?
Put up or shut up.

- Posted by decreaser

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Veil I am MUCH better than you.
Make it a terrible day,

- Posted by decreaser

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Mauna Loa I'm sure it's just a coincidence that every time I start beating your tank into oblivion and you're about to get smoked, you send the "I gotta go" and "BYE" messages.
I'm sure the last 6 times I've almost wrecked you and then you immediately left were completely serendipitous.
You definitely weren't leaving because you were terrified of being embarrassed in front of everyone.

- Posted by decreaser

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Doc Holiday I would like to give credit where credit is due. I would love to deactivate you, but I am beginning to believe it's not possible, because you are the most skilled....
At running away from battle. Engaging you in battle is a sure fire way to see you bolt all over the map and then quit.
You are undoubtedly the best Tankpit player at running away from a fight!

- Posted by decreaser


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Smokescreen ,
I will show the stats. no problem. but I don't see how to share it? and I don't see that I can post screen shots in here? please elaborate.

- Posted by JCSIII

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Smokescreen ,
I think I figured it out. Why don't you show yours?

- Posted by JCSIII

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JCSIII good job you finally let your ballz drop.

- Posted by Smokescreen

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decreaser when is you're ballz gonna drop? Keep running like a 😺

- Posted by Smokescreen