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Who let mama dingaling back in tournys again? 12 year old gey kid.... How's that multi personality disorder treatment working out for you? How long until the Chen personalities come back into play? How difficult is it to keep the mama and Chen personas separated? Chen shows up from when April to July? Then blue guest for a few months? Then hibernation? Then mama again next February? Yawn. Such a boring cycle

- Posted by Psychotic Asian

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@Ghost of Chen I started playing back in the 90s on Bonus with my sons. I now play on here with my Grandsons. (and sometimes my sons) I join tournaments and play whenever I can. It's fun.
See you on the battlefield.
Tanks for playing

- Posted by battlezone


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You say I cheated and took a kill for my cup, lmao...
I teleported and there was a blue serg -Esomething- on the corner of my screen and he was fighting someone else and I shot him 3-4 times and got the kill. He had full eq.
Anyways n00b.., I killed you back in the day probably 100+ times in tournaments and I've won probably 50 cups back in the day killing you.... GG.
I made Soul Swamp. You're not special for PsyMaze. GG again..

- Posted by kaYNe


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- Posted by battlezone