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Hope to see a good turnout this weekend. We need to come together and get this game active again!!

- Posted by idolize -- BLUNTZ

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Let's be real...if I were detroit I would've cupped it 30 times by now.

- Posted by - Sun Spots -

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Props to Klipsch for taking the red raid last night after the tournament. Very well played.

- Posted by Mauna Loa


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Calling all tanks: A monkey-mod stripped me of my pride and dignity by committing a heinous theft crime. My most prized gold chalice was stolen in broad daylight, and I want it back. Be advised, a writ of certiorari has been filed. I am oppressed. #alltanksmatter #givebackthegold

- Posted by Detroit

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On a side note, I find it incredibly ironic that Prototype does not get banned IF he truly gave me a free kill. I maintain I played the game fair and no collusion or sign stealing can be proven. #GoBlue

- Posted by Detroit

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Thank you, arbiter for chasing me around 90% of the tournament. Well done getting us both near to last :). Didn't help NFL helped you a lot in chasing me.
When your only purple teammate is eliminated early, and each of the other teams have 3 members, there's not much a tank can do.
Ready for the next tournament though :). Learned a lot.

- Posted by Mauna Loa