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kaYNe ,
Try to get major next time. Don't count on the points to save you because they are meaningless. People can fk they way to cappies at the last minute to steal your cup. Check my record, kaYne, I challenge you to make Major.
Plus ... MamaXiangQi don't really play anymore cuz people like you collude to free kills. Admitting to killing a sergeant in 4 hits mean you definitely going for the easy way out. No competition.

- Posted by CoL XiangQi

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sure is convenient dude gets kills from the same tanks a certain indian always does now that he's MIA no pph cups to speak of. creating a "new" player to account for your "lucky" kill cups is pretty smart. That and you spell your names stupid af. Makes sense with who you will and will not shoot with in main too.

- Posted by not fooling ne1sonny

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Oh that and your response from a tank that isn't you when I entered map on this tank if you really were kayne (some "returning") player you wouldn't have a clue what I was talking about with the tank name or spam messages at it. Glad to see its business as usual keep stacking them cheated cups. So is he the guy you trade with or is it just an alter ego and a fresh start for you or him?

- Posted by not fooling ne1sonny

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Curious the guy makes capt and quits after the who’s your daddy. Almost like he knew who was and wasn’t going to die. I mean legion came in coincidentally ofc after 31g dies and quits and can’t be bothered to go after him or were you sure he would quit? Pretty cocky to quit right after making capt. Now you gotta ask yourself did someone die to spite you or was it actually legit? No free gold either way 🤣

- Posted by win trading