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Mauna Loa ,
Its interesting that you tag this tank when the only tank in with this one was King David who brough in jf claiming to be him. I really dont care who you "are" Just 1 of the 2 main idiots who think theyre smarter than everyone. Interesting the trolls arent in when you are but join right away everytime you "gotta go" you make new troll tanks every 2-6weeks, you make new discords or use old ones claiming to be new/returning players and avg 12+hrs a day of TP.

- Posted by not fooln ne1 idiot

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Mauna Loa ,
Kinda like how you tagged this one awhile back when I know there were only 2 troll tanks in with the rest of the regular non-troll players for the entire time I left it in map. Thanks for confirming though. You know when theres like 10 people who play regularly every week its really not hard to sus out who is who despite your efforts. Im sure it was easier over the years with more players. Tells us more about that 7yr old discord. Cya soon I know youll be on!

- Posted by wheredem volcanoslol

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Mauna Loa
Generic history, in 2020 this Sigma returned/debuted/rebranded. Anyway, just take a look at his 200+ board posts; plus his activities on the field and such. I never get on the discord much but apparently wasn't a great character there. And then he took on the name of a tank from 2014 that was generally liked in the community

- Posted by Jeremy Wyatt

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Static Line arghh. Good fighting out there.

- Posted by Mauna Loa


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+3 Pitbull
+1 venom

- Posted by power of god