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ArchangeL UrieL ,
gj man that 200hrs flew..., early congrats brother hope u can push for rusty later

- Posted by Drederick Tatum

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MimiC ,
I actually want them to put out Psycho Maze for the general map and see how the action plays out. (hint hint*: I created that map for my Purple Heart)

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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MimiC ,
Usually they get changed every week but you can request a map change if you hop on TPHQ discord. There is no set rotation. The majority of the players that request seem to lean towards Rocks & Swamps(my personal fav and home map) Desert, Meltdow and The Pit. Mostly maps that aren’t water heavy since they aren’t conducive to raids.

- Posted by Doc Holiday