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@ CKPA2020
Yeah I actually am in love with Voltaic.
0 deaths really inspired me to make my own tank like that. ArchangeL UrieL. We pp sometimes <3
Sorry but I actually am all for people playing the game - emphasis on playing.
We just have to change how we play with the way that the players around us play, that will definitely keep the game friendly and encourage new comers.
- Abe

- Posted by ArchangeL RamieL

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Appreciate that. Not sure why hate is filled in some people for no reason but there always is. Respect to you.

- Posted by FINESSE

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ROSE....blown away by the points on AoG. Just passed @155 hours. ~3 million in front of Monero. I don't care if most of your sessions were coordinated....still unbelievable. Very humbling. Mad skillz!

- Posted by CKPA2020


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One hit wonder, calm down sugar... lower that estrogen geez.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi


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Ah nice job on the cup and the deactivation POWER, you caught me stuck on that crazy map. And to think it was all up for grabs with only three captains at the top... so close, but yet, so far.

- Posted by Boba Fett

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Wow, just saw/realized you're Islam Brings Peace and had a tank with this name a couple years ago. No hard feelings, just another Star Wars nerd haha that's what's up. See you on the field!

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