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MamaXiangQi thanks for the kind words. To clear the slate, I have nothing to do with the great and honest journalists at Tankpit Newsletter. However, I do commend them for being a true news source with high journalistic integrity and for writing in such an academic fashion. These writers truly do deserve a nobel prize in journalism or at least a DoT award.

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R E D - D A W N there is a couple. The one I have been working to reform is in the downloads page. Would be curious to hear your take on the efficacy of that server.

There is another that is more for active players who work to keep unnecessary discussions out linked here:

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Welcome aboard. Hope you'll be able to ignore all the kids talking and just have some fun.
Warning- it might seem like people gang up on you sometimes. Learning to survive is the name of the game. Learn to teleport fast and know where fuel is nearby to land on, and know when to quit battling and run when your equipment gets low, and re-equip while you keep on teleporting. :)

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MamaXiangQi ,
it's passed your bedtime little girl, let the grown ups play

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