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Imagine being a returning player interested joining the TP community in the discord being inundated with bitcoin/news spam, snowflake libtards, and OHWs constant crying.
Why do the admins prioritize preserving such mediocrity at the expense of game activity?

Why does Gensick and Adam deserve to be admins?

Why does Matt, TJ, Nightfox, Sherman, Sym, and Muff take over the chat but don't even play the game?

- Posted by FAT GREASY WOP

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Congratulations Thebrit and Yoshio Kodama =)

- Posted by I AM LEGEND


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MamaXiangQi ,
You are a little girl :)

- Posted by itscake


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Current tournament standings for the October contest:
Map Master: 7
chen: 7
therock: 6
lvd: 4
noodle: 3
crusher: 3
kaleidoscope of mope: 3
mosnar: 2
H0LL0W: 2
Adam: 2
003: 2
ugly duckling chen: 1
There are still some unclaimed, if you are actively participating, place your October tourney tanks together in a profile if you want to remain secret.

- Posted by Corpse Reviver