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I see they have disabled/deleted the vulgarity sensor. I guess its only "adults" using the BB anyway huh.

- Posted by HaHaHahahaha

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I never basically ratted myself out as you say. And yes, you have been talking shit for years just like several other people on here have been. Then again, -SHOCK- is most likely only 1 of the names you use on here.Personally, I think its hilarious that some of you get so mad that you have to keep this going. I will respond to just about every person that talks shit. Including you. I await your reply

- Posted by Ashrak2002

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Once again, I am not 4th Armored Division. But someone like you will never understand that. Sad. But its ok, I do like the entertainment that you provide, I will at least give you that. I just wonder though, how much more longer you can keep this up considering that you under a few other tank names have been doing this for years.

- Posted by Ashrak2002


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What should a troll tank name be?

- Posted by MamaXiangQi