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William Bonney 10 hours. It is to prevent people from making new accounts to cheat which I am SOOO GLAD NEVER HAPPENS, right M O E P H O Jakey Tank AI Tanks for playing ? Also to ensure you are sufficiently skilled to enter them.

As for the activity, we all agree. You can thank Gensick for the poor game activity.

Btw what are your original account names?

- Posted by JiminyChen

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Where is ArchangeL UrieL ? Many people are have been lamenting your absence. We miss your Tankpit promotional videos and contests! Game has been dead without you.... please come back.

- Posted by As A Matter of Fact


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PSYCHO MAZE FAN, Thank you for your support of my epic creation. Now you know who are the manipulators.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi