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Deep in Time You shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house. In your case, it's a house with a ceiling that's falling apart.

Sad to see you sport your Bronze without giving me my credit for NOT playing that tournament and giving all you suckers a chance at cupping. Too bad you won't get a mouse pad out of it. Maybe Josh or Bluntz will buy you one tho lmao.

R E D - D A W N Welcome back, you can thank me later for the masterful writings I have bestowed onto the Tankpit community.

- Posted by JamesChen

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James Chen, judging by your daily posts that you wax your pooper at least twice a week

- Posted by Eternal Efficacy


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Yo. This seems kind of fun.
Does it ever get super active? I end up chasing people around until they log off.

- Posted by CheekyGirl

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itscake It's ok to accept the fact that you are a pedo, by imagining that I am a little girl. We invite you to register yourself as a 5ex offender before you actually do something stupid.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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MamaXiangQi Little girl mama comes back... only to cry! Sad! You gotta grow up some day child!

- Posted by itscake

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MamaXiangQi MamaXiangQi has been deactivated by you... better luck next time little girl!

- Posted by itscake