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Thebrit No worries bud. If you ever see me being raided don't hesitate to join in. It's all fun and games.

- Posted by BlueGhost


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points per hour =pph surprise this game is back LOL

- Posted by DrYiCeZ

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BlueGhost , Jack Frost But time is money... bots regenerate effortlessly. If there was a cash reward, I guess it would be worth it... but I wouldnt spend more than an hour on here a day.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi


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1st place all the way to the last 10 minutes. Contending for gold cup...And all that work wasted because a few guys get lucky and steal some captain kills. Geez.

- Posted by SaltyXiangQi

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I was contending for Gold Cup at the Castles Tourney...
Tree Fiddy , you were SO behind in the Castles Tournament... I was a sergeant aka SaltyXiangQi stealing all of your equips while you were a recruit running around aimlessly for equips. And you got so lucky to secure a captain spot. Oh my goodness the amount of luck these guy have to secure their cups, it's like hitting jackpot on the lottery every time.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi