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You didn't get me on the Jan 2 Foundry tournament, but u got me now! Next time you will not be so lucky I am the legendary tanksmen, only a select few can kill me

- Posted by Legendary Tanksmen

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Fair points. Literally not worth my time. Good luck all, hope you find what you are looking for in this game.
MamaXiangQi I have been putting large efforts to keep this game active. You are now seeing the benefits of it come to fruition and hard work pay off.
I will be quitting as personal circumstances will restrict me to come back. this will be confirmed in a few weeks. good luck to every one and farewell

- Posted by Sigma

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"You have been blocked from playing in tournaments. If you would like to contest this, please contact us."
This is the treatment that Chinese get when playing tankpit. MamaXiangQi can attest to this blatant racial attack on us as she was banned too which is sexist and racist. #STOPASIANHATE. We only get targetted because of the color of our skin. This is disgusting. I would hope we make some progress and make tankpit welcoming for people of all colors and backgrounds. Where are liberals now?

- Posted by JiminyChen

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I cupped the last cup of 2021 and first cup of 2022. First cup for the CoL team, which further solidifies me as the best player in the history of the game. LAST CUP OF 2021 CoL Ogre
MamaXiangQi is one of the best. So many of these "legends" can't even win a Purple Heart like mamaxiang did. They can't cup like mama did despite being unfairly mobbed every single tournament.

This is chinese Excellence. no surprise that the only 2 chinese in this game dominate

- Posted by JiminyChen

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Put in all this freaking work and get spat on my face. All this hardwork to revive the game and we are now realizing the gains of my investment. The trend is clear. Make my own discord, mutliple BB posts picking up morale, promoting the game, and now we have a fully active game


Well it didn't happen, now I am leaving and the game will die again in 4 months max. then you will be begging for me come back. Whatever

- Posted by Sigma

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Why is Donald J Trump SavinRyann such a loser? He spends thousands upon thousands of dollars on this game just to try to bothersolar salt who one of the best trolls in the game.

Noodle is laughing at how pathetic you are. Josh dont even play the game yet you buy whole teams for players who betray him constantly, whoop his butt in Fantasy Football like Antonio Brown, and he comes back begging for their friendship like he does with Hays, OHW, and Coffee.

- Posted by Facts on Wax

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Speaking of coffee.. what is up with Josh using a folding plastic table for a coffee table?
Noodle is so much richer than you and has a hot wife and speaks more languages than you. Can you pay for my rent and tanks?

- Posted by Facts on Wax


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I-GENGHIS KHAN , From somewhere I think there's a recent influx of players (example: CoL team, and Magnificents)... Not necessarily you. Maybe just a random occurrence.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi


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Ruins tourney was weird. I was 20 minutes late and was still able to get to lieutenant. Chilling on the ferry with tons of equips and fuel. I got hit by 3 tanks, but wasn't able to turn on armors or move? There was so much fuel around me that I knew I wasn't going to get killed soon. Some lag time or something I am not sure about, but I was deactivated before I can get to the fuel source. Sadly... hopefully that doesn't constitute as a free kill.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi