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Smokescreen is so lucky Jiren is not a General.. OOh that will be bad news for him

- Posted by JamesChen

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Hi friends! Ltns, hope everyone's been well

- Posted by FAITH

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What s Doing,
No problem buddy. Glad I can be a help. You did a great job raid-taking, keep it up! And yeah thats not respectable not letting someone fill after a take. Happy tanking!

- Posted by Dr Hibbert

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It was good playing with you as well. My stats are the result of not killing bots and never dying down. All the best and see you on the field.

- Posted by SOLITUDE

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well that's some b.s my internet got disconnected then try to go back in and get a message says tanks already playing then go back in to play and my tank was deactivated why didnt my tank go idle once my internet connection reset?

- Posted by ANGEL OF DEATH

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SHINY SWORD PARTY TONIGHT on 6/5 THE BOBA MILK TEA, MOON CAKES, and TSINGTAO will be provided to all my Battlefield/Tankpit friends.
Sorry Voltaic you are not invited.
Smokescreen you can be the security guard.
Finesse, you can come if you bring a gift.
Detroit, sorry no ghetto people SORRY

- Posted by JamesChen


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Answer to TQ1 IS 7! Hint: Boulders on the water.
Harder Trivia Question #2: Right at the start of a tournament, what should you usually do first?
A.) Attempt to get full equipment
B.) Shoot a corporal bot
C.) Find a ferry
D.) Quit the game

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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My LB Idea on 6/3/20 isn't about politics, it is about right or wrong. Being neutral or non-racist is just as bad as being racist. Please reconsider your stance and join in on the movement.
We will welcome anyone, and we need white allies.

- Posted by JamesChen


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Can anyone beat me in tournyments?
I am so good

- Posted by Napoleon Bonaparte