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Jack Frost Oh, I'm a gettin. You're gonna beat me to the 50k kill bomb but let us see who gets to 100k first. =) Some people may say this is a waste of time and others will say it's a massive waste of time. Let's get it.

- Posted by BlueGhost

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-mAsTeR AdMiRaL-
Thought were better than that.

- Posted by Thebrit

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Much respect for you. Sorry i attacked you a few days ago.

- Posted by Thebrit

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Check out mine and blue ghosts profile pages for kill counts
Please don't ever group us with morons like that again, thanks

- Posted by Trypticon

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550k points and still not a rank down from 116. Cray.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi


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What does PPH session stand for?
I was a newb then and a newb now

- Posted by Bridgewater