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OMG is everyone talking to themselves here?

- Posted by Hard2Catch

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Globe, Abraham Simpson, JamesChen, Shredder and everyone who congratulated,
Thank-you. Congrats to you as well for the WC, Ab. And to all the other winners. Great job.
A big thank-you to SW and the judge(s) for going through so many submissions and for deeming my maps worthy of a PH.
Also a big thank-you to everyone who participated and made it a worthy competition. I wish you all the best for next time!
See you on the field.

- Posted by SOLITUDE

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Thanks for the kind words. You are a scholar and a gentleman.
I'm glad you're orange! We definitely are glad to have you on orange.
See you on the field!

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II

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My guy almost free!!!



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Voltaic, come join a tournament! I think you have potential to cup too. All the top 25 overall has at least a cup. We want to see you cup or take some significant raiding. Cheers.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi


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What's up with that huge collusion against me at the Dust map guys? All of a sudden everyone wants a piece of me about 40 minutes in, hmm... did it feel good to beat up a "Purple Heart" recipient? I needed a promotion, not a deactivation.
In that case, Clima... the cup is going to be the hardest award to get if everyone is going to chase me down and jump me every tourney I participate...odds are heavily stacked against me

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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FINALLY---Bronze Cup: Right at the start, I got 8 duals and shot the corporal bot, ranked up to lieutenant in the first 10 mins. Maintained #1 for the last half of the tourney as captain, neck and neck with Pretty and SEIKUKEN... that #2 and #3 spot suddenly was flipping around at the very last minute... good work SEIKUKEN for that point advancement I wasn't fast enough to get the #2 spot back. Whew I was nervous about that #3 to #4... but great work ALL. Happy 4th of JULY

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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MXQ YOU GOT BRONZE BABY!!! haha, really nice job. I almost feel bad I pipped you for silver at the finish line, but such is the nature of competition. Your tank looks great now after the addition of 2 new awards, congratulations! :)

- Posted by Scourge

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Mama scored a bronze don't change it...

- Posted by spice girls rule

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What a week you're having! Congrats on cupping and I'm really happy for you. Not sure how you got the kill but I think it was a 2v1. You put up a good fight and we kept passing each other lol. This is probably your best performance I've seen.
Hope you still stick around the game and have fun!

- Posted by Pretty