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MamaXiangQi LOL you were calling brb with 4-5 oranges on you when you were low on eq while we were less than 5 min into RAIDING you. What you think you can come into map with with 3+ of an enemy color as a maj and not expect a raid? That we'll all just have a nice, safe-space PG 4v1 pph session? SOLITUDE had already taken a raid nicely. Crybabies get targeted no mercy, I gave you a +1 in discord for hangin in there, suckk it up buttercup. Want pph? Come in when map isn't hot. Basic TP logic

- Posted by Boba Fett

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Guys... I just only want to build a base of mines. ArChAnGeL and WONG TO ISIS ...stop abusing MamaXiangQi

- Posted by XiangQi Base Builder

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Wong To Surf I like how you guys destroyed my base, and when I fired back at you both, it's incredibly sad that you would say "Don't Cry"... especially Surf when you can't even face me 1v1...both you guys are Generals doing childish long teleports to run from me, shooting me only when you are full fuel, hiding behind boulders or bot tanks... Yeah come on...stop being little fvvking pusies.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi