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Smokescreen plays blue lol

- Posted by JamesChen

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Smoke, I am giving up on trying to be your friend.
When you told me to not PPH w/ u as a Lieutenant, I ranked up, even killing your major to rank up so that you could get more points when we fight.
I congratulated you on finally passing Shockwave thru ur hardwork and dedication, and you still focus fire me and leave when we raid you in addition to give yourself free kills (Wyatt Earp).
I have extended the olive branch to you many times and you continue to be a poor sport. U R Done

- Posted by JChenKillSmoke6xWOWW

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"Testy Meltdown" Not that Optimus Prime needs anyone to stand up for him, but here I am. He plays at lieut so he's not targeted, that is true to some degree. That way he can participate in chat rooms and watch TV while spacing out and killing the occasional bot. It's not hurting anyone so what's the problem? Heck, if you need a ranking kill to major you could probably snipe him when he's looking afk and get an easy kill. The question here: why are you on an anonymous tank to throw shade? Coward?

- Posted by Scourge

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Hey Everyone, I have a question.
If Floyd Mayweather loses a match to Manny Pacquiao does that mean that Manny is better than him? Maybe not, as it was only one match and Floyd has a strong record...
But what if Manny beat him in 6 matches and only lost maybe only once out of pity, does this make Manny better than Mayweather?
It could have been 7, but Manny wanted Squid12 to get his double star so he stopped shooting.

- Posted by JChenKillSmoke6xWOWW

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You will get a lot FARTHER in this game if you FOCUS on 1 tank instead of color flippin ALL DAY

- Posted by Smokescreen

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Why won't tankpit put out more Main maps out there to practice on? The only ones I usually see is Desert. No Orbital/President Trump/Appoloosa/Islands/...etc.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi


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Testy Meltdown,
What up 3 screen queen. Heard you died in 2 screens last night, so we updated your nickname to 2 screen queir. Have a good night lad, stay salty my friend.

- Posted by Optimus Prime

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Hey Sinai Stop Hoarding Your general rank with heroic ...... you dont take raids but like to raid. This game goes both ways you should try it sometime

- Posted by Smokescreen

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James CHEN how does my D1k Taste? You sure do like to keep my name in your mouth on this Bulletin Board. How about you grow a pair and man up and come talk to me on discord . Everyone would love for you to join us in chat Instead of blowing up this Bulletin Board everyday with your nonsense troll..Your just like the rest of this community keep making me TP FAMOUS. Stay Salty My Friend. U big MAD! FACTZ

- Posted by Smokescreen

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WHiNE - A - LoT Nachos aka 2 screen Queen. Please stay off Blue We Dont need your trash presence nor the filth you attract . How about u Come in and play Weekend Nachos when Blues are Dominating ? Stay Salty My Friend. Its nice to have you back . Maybe One day you could get 1 of your tanks in the top 50

- Posted by Smokescreen