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America is half negrified and half judaised. We can all see that with the negro vernacular used by Facts on Wax 's name.

James Chen is a true man, espousing nationalism, well studied, pure blood (anti vax) and a revolutionary who has not given into the corrupt power structures (TPHQ) in the same way I didn't to the Judaised Weimar Republic. Sigma would have been my greatest soldier. Keep on fighting *Roman Salute*

- Posted by Adolf Hitler

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Sigma ,
Based on you claiming 100k, you make about 150k less than me at my current rate. The two tournaments I played I was at the top, just couldn't capitalize on your die downs rofl.
Also Doc, dunno who you are, don't really care. If anything the current tournaments are handicapped. Now players can just rank off the 1 kill a game without actually putting in a pph effort. Try doing that when there was 8 kills a game and when there was more competitive points players amongst them.

- Posted by Facts on Wax

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why do you keep mentioning me

- Posted by GeneralSick

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Sigma ,
What game is this you’re dominating? The be-let-in-discord-server-only-to-be-banned-moments-later game? Lmao You sure excel at it, I agree. Got banned again faster than your premature ej@culation even. I didn’t even get a chance to say hello to you on there. No worries chenny chen chen, until next time! Till then you always have the bb to shed your tears on. Croak!

- Posted by toad

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@Mamaxiangqi nobody wants to shoot with your sergeant in main map...stop being kunt. I know you need the practice at serg so you can give more people free cups in tourneys...but you don't need the points. You're just a terrible troll...quite exhausting really. You really need a life.

- Posted by Doc Holiday

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So many people talking tough but remain fearfully anonymous to avoid getting body bagged like I buried the TP parasites: TJ, Matt, Adam, Toad, Gensick, Pack, itscake, Islam Brings Peace, OHW and many others!

Nobody has had the successful run that I have, numbers don't lie!

- Posted by JamesChen


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Letting Rivianwolf killing me was the bait. Too bad Doc Holiday thinks his roaming strategy would lag me so bad for an easy kill. Shame. As sergeant, I only need 35 of each to take on 4v1 easy. Maybe I can last longer being a corpie.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Doc Holiday What TF are you doing...? I only wanted PPH with you this morning and you are f king around like a scrub wandering behind mountains. I wasted all my homing shots before anything else.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi