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MamaXiang Congrats on the award! It was one of the few maps that were creative and had a strategic component to it. I appreciate when a map can be created to exhibit the mechanics of the game in addition to the interaction with the terrain.
Abraham/Archangel Your videos, streams, and pamphlets were amazing. We always appreciate you unwavering passion for the game and welcoming/friendly nature to keep the community thriving!
SOLITUDE, congrats! What map did you win?

- Posted by JamesChen

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lol. good job on the PH. that cup will be next.

- Posted by Globe Daddy

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That tank has potential to be sexier than weekend nachos. Congrats on another win.

- Posted by Globe Daddy

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congrats to the special award recipients

- Posted by Shredder

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Great job and congrats on your PH.
I know you get jumped a lot when there are multi colors in, and you still fight and stand your ground. #respect.
I will definitely make sure to help you out on the field if I see that happening!
See you on the field and your tank looks super nice now with that PH! ;)

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II

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Congrats on winning the PH! I didn't get to play or have a feel of it but it does stands out of all the entries in terms of uniqueness. Now go and win yourself a cup!

- Posted by Clima


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Hint: Normal screen visual is 16x16. General tanks have a default 9 x 9 radar search area without using the Full Radar Function.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi