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Uploaded 10 or so raid takes from tonight
Good action everyone!
youtube TankpitRAIDS and the date 04-02-22

- Posted by CoL Cerberus

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congrats on Top 50 & highest no-tank!
thx for the combat honor
always an honor 💪

- Posted by -Magnificent- 2

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- Sun Spots - ,
sorry im not a incest offspring like yourself boomer. dont you have some pain medications to take?

- Posted by Jon Snow

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-Magnificent- 2 If I died within 5 seconds of beginning to do PVP or taking a raid, I didn't warm up well enough.
Pressing the ARMOR SHIELD (or thinking that I did) that didn't turn on when my fuel is low rapidly dropping is a very frustrating thing.
The one who took my general rank got a very lucky break.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Anyone wanna wank with me!

- Posted by WankPit


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MamaXiangQi ,

- Posted by Globe Master