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Sure I'll go ahead and be your scapegoat if that makes you feel better.

- Posted by GeneralSick

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Diary of Days Gone finding Gensick inside Tankpit is more rare than finding a 1st Edition Charizard pokemon card. He has no place here and nobody likes his stupid comments in chat.

- Posted by sad life

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Facts on Wax .... using words like "toxicity" to describe people's words is an automatic disqualification of you opinion.

More censorship would only push players further away.

This is gaming culture, if you bring the PC crap around here you will only push more people away. Go play on checkers dot com or play candy crush if a game where you can't even cuss is too offensive for you.

Next you'll be asking for us to be castrated.

- Posted by JamesChen


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MamaXiangQi ,
I was wondering who killed me, I logged on this afternoon and I was a captain, I must have been afk. I guess hitting a target that isn't moving or shooting back with 15 dual shots till it died wasn't a good enough indication? Congrats little girl, don't forget you have to grow up someday :)

- Posted by itscake