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Imagine spending money to troll, and nobody caring.

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STILL POOR SIX did Josh pay for your name change too?

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Hello everyone,
It's been quite a while. I used to play BF back in the day. Glad to see the community active and well.
Just wanted to say thanks to all the Red tanks out there today that helped me earn my single star. 🤙
See all of you on the field!
"Duels over Rules!" =Andrew Jackson

- Posted by R E D - D A W N

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MimiC ,
All good. Will see if a runner-up wants it.

- Posted by Corpse Reviver

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TP Newsletter #3 - Your Trusted Source for all Tankpit News!

Drederick Tatum continues on his mission to not only be the overall number 1 but to also have the most kills too. BlueGhost has returned to maintain his lead.

Congratulations to the winners of the October contests for the top 5 on the monthly and top 3 in cupping. As always, JamesChen /Uyghur Killer owned both of them further solidifying his reputation as the best player in history of all of Tankpit.

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Allegations of itscake being a pedo are currently under investigation, which has led to further investigation of Bumblebee for stating that a 6 year old 1400 years ago was more developed than the women nowadays who constantly eating hormones through processed food. This is very concerning to those of TP Newsletter and there is a zero tolerance policy for such beliefs.

Tournaments have been wild, with JamesChen stealing the water fuel from MamaXiangQi in the water...

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solar salt calling off his typical free kill and getting gold. Still was not enough for him to pass James in the October contest.

horsepower (OHW) has finally quit. Speculation is that he may have become employed and realized he is no good at this childrens game. Hopefully Ultra Magnus follows suit because he is truly bad at the game and has a cracking ceiling lmao.

Lugia574 continues to join the game to say "who's your daddy" and leave but actually stuck around to pew

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pew this week. Great to see the activity increase.

On the discord front: the decline of TPHQ continues to spiral out of control. Sym has been openly sporting a swastika in a double standard of enforcement that would get James insta-banned as an excuse because he on a whole different playing field when it comes to bantz and political debates.

This week we have an exclusve interview with James! Part of a multi-part installment!

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TP Newsletter: James! Thanks you for taking time to talk to us. Tell us about your self
JamesChen: I'm a Chinese in America for my post graduate studies. Played as a child as whiner and later as Sigma. Came back during pandemic to pass time and unexpectedly led to me pwning everone in game and in discord.
TPN: There is no debate on any of that, all very true. To what would you attribute your success to?
JC: My high IQ, Chinese genetics. I also got a lot of tips from FINESSE ..

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JC (cont.): .. Corpse Reviver , The Mazoku , PRIDE to name a few. I do all I can to pass it on to other returning players. Very important to me.
TPN: A lot of controversy around you these days. Can you elaborate as to why you are the most censored person in Tankpit?
JC: It's simple, these smooth brains can't compete with me on an intellectual level or in game and have to resort to banning me as a result.
Part 2 coming soon!

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Uyghur Killer
I have a discord account but I don't really use it. Coffee (if you know him) invited me to a discord with a few players that I did get involved with, but like I said, I don't really use it. I tend to plug in some headphones and try to tune the world out when I hit the field.

- Posted by Super Saiyan Vegito