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I imagine a world where people like Chen would use his abilities and intelligence for positive things and have the ability to tune out this childish crap
Oh well guess we can't have every thing

- Posted by Windows Tasks

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Tankpit Newsletter
i like the informative updates on tankpit that you give, keep up the good work

- Posted by PRIDE

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Thank you, good sir! It is an honor and a blessing. Congrats to all other SA winners and thanks to everyone who helped along the way.
Rock on.
- Posted by Yoshio Kodama

- Posted by Boba Fett

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Yoshio Kodama
Congrats! Impressive work you did. The tiles and the tank sprites were very well done. You deserved it.

- Posted by Corpse Reviver

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Bumblebee aka Islam Brings Peace. Your efforts are fruitless. Chasing me will not deter the righteous actions of the People's Republic of China towards the Uyghurs for the insolence and inability to participate in Chinese culture. They are destructive members of our society.

We will continue to harvest their organs to give to the superior Chinese which rule over you.

You can take solace that, we at least recognize the righteous and strong Taliban as the rulers of Afghanistan

- Posted by Uyghur Killer


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MamaXiangQi we all know you're sitting at sgt killing bots when no one is on little girl, you need to grow up some day you know

- Posted by itscake