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How many people actually play this still??? Didn't realize it was revitalized.

- Posted by taz1

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Sup Y'allllll!
Hope to see you more!
- longlegs

- Posted by longlegs


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Disappointing Daniel, why would I fight anyone if I am a lieutenant and already diminishing in rank? My intent is to steal a kill for a promotion. Not aimlessly taking unnecessary raids that could get myself killed (unless there's collusion and everyone jumps me). Other tanks aimlessly shoot at the dark name tanks. It's not that embarrassing to run away if you are in trouble with 4v1 or 5v1. My penie is not as big as yours, but if you die first, your elimination is even more shameful

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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If i see top 3 tanks are already captains in the first 30 minutes ... and im far behind as a lieutenant... I will just invite you to "Come Get Me". "I gotta go."... I purposely invite a 10 v 1 raid fest all up my dead body. COME GET ME. See who is the lucky bird that gets the kill. But you gotta be good to get me. I love playing hard to catch.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi