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TP Newsletter #2 - Your Sources for all Tankpit News!

The battle for overall number 1 continues. As Chew continues to climb up the Monthly top list, Frinzee has had a couple of set backs including dying down in a tournament on purpose and getting banned. This is a long term battle and all of tankpit is eagerly watching as to what will happen next!

in other news, many awards have been given out this week! Yoshio Kodama was awarded the Purple Heart for his amazing "Space Pit' sprites.

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(2) Him and Doc Holiday have both been awarded a DOT award. The community appreciates their contributions.

F2bBacK casually was awarded his rusty while ArchangeL UrieL casually received his battered sword. mikevyr209 was awarded his first single star as one of the newest returning players putting in some hours.

JamesChen continues to dominate the tournament scene, but is that really news anymore?

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(3) Ultra Magnus could only wish he could compete or at least afford his own food, but it's been tough since Bluntz hiatus. After getting dominated in a 4 person raid by a simple fuel steal, he is no where to be seen!

On the Discord front: Spineless Matt has returned to be a total buzz kill in TPHQ with his concern trolling. Don't forget to take your 3rd Booster to avoid creating any form of friction to anyone in anyway possible you coward. Hopefully there won't be side effects this time...

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(4) but hey, these side effect can't be as bad as Chen being mean online in typed words! He is just so mean.....Cry more loser.

There are rumors of a hot new discord being created with emotionally stable and thick skinned mods fostering a community for TANKPIT for ACTUAL players. We will keep you posted on this exclusive story as details emerge.

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(5) Finally, GeneralSick has been spotted in the field and after an hour of struggling, has ranked up from recruit to private and rage quit! Keep up the good work buddy. Maybe after 6 years of being inactive, you might be able to make a semblance of case for you to be an admin for the defacto "Tankpit Headquarters" used for neurotic brainlets to debate the same 3 topics 24/7 while discouraging actual players from participating.... What can you expect when your admin can't rank past a corporal.

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itscake I barely play now, but when I logged on, I see you were the only blue tank releasing your load on bots to get beat everyone. Asking for extra credit like being a teacher's pet. Stop being so immersed with the game to the point that you have take things so seriously...

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