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Lmao coffee sounds you are stringing your copes like you're going to get a combo multiplier for it.

"integrity in game". All I've done is completely dominate the tournament scene and the main map in every facet possible. You are pathetically trying to justify your jealousy and rage for my impeccable abilities that makes me the most dominant player in the history of any game ever played.

Like I said, another 5000 hours, and maybe you can be 10% as good as me.

- Posted by JamesChen

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What's up with the sensitive nature of these grown men nowadays.

Maybe they need to get on the Testosterone Replacement Therapy that Adam has been undergoing. if only he can cut back on the alcohol. Those phytoestrogens are killer!

- Posted by JamesChen

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Why continue to try to beg for attention here when you know you are perfectly capable of dming me like a big boy? Im not interested in this back and forth nonsense from you...
time to move on unless puberty is still an issue for you

- Posted by Ultra Magnus


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It sucks that most of you all are very salty about nothing. JamesChen makes a valid point about the future/leadership of the game. Too many crybabies and (pedos >itscake ) playing a children's tank game for hours on end to prove a point that their weeners are bigger than the other guy

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Coffee TRIED to take a 4 man raid, but didn't know the best player was there against him. My perfectly timed fuel jack led to him dying on the third screen to Hays, who needed the kill to get to colonel.
As much as I love to be a good sport, I couldn't fathom saying "Nice Try!" because of how horrible that raid take. We were forced to say that our dogs play better than him and that it was whack.
I've seen tom and mikeyvr209 take better raids than this loser. Maybe it's time to retire.

- Posted by JamesChen