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Brave Cowards!
Oranges are always the minority color, and you imbeciles shame anyone for not taking the constant blue and red raids.
Yet, on the rare occasion that oranges are the majority, you guys run and leave at levels that even Voltaic would be impressed.
it is great to know that Orange is rising, and you have no idea how to handle us

- Posted by JamesChen

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the following orders have been issued by our Supreme Commander: mine the fuel canisters in your area blue to prepare the field for battle.

- Posted by Blue Headquarters

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I see not much has changed here. I'm hoping to start playing again. I remember playing with some great folks last year, hope they're still around.

- Posted by Skeletor

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my true blue brethren! a chronic loser and tournament bum by the name of weak-end nachos has made his uneventful return to the field. the order from our Supreme Commander is to seek him out and deliver a merciless strike. a master of panic, if you mine the fuel canisters around him to arrest and entrap him, he will scramble with urgency and fall with haste.

- Posted by Blue Headquarters


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Mamaxiang, how about you change to Orange? we could use more good players like yourself.

- Posted by JamesChen

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Great raiding with you guys. I appreciate the team oriented nature of our game play.
Just a quick tip, when you teleport to a new screen, please use the radar to detect the fuel in the area. This allows us to be proactive and either have team mate teleport to the fuel or we can move and cover the fuel, preventing the target from getting it. This way we can wear them down.
I normally am the one to use the radar on a screen, but I would say the first to get to the enemy should.

- Posted by JamesChen


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Nope... didn't turn on my armor on time. What a bummer. 10 v 1 still up for grabs. Can't steal kills, can't grab equips, can promote. Whatever.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Dang I was so close to promoting to Captain haha, but I seem to have gave the promotion that won the tournament
Orange did not seem to be very prevalent at all

- Posted by Havoc

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Nice play Prevail trapping me on the ferry, forcing me to long warp to nothing.
Had no extra equips on the Face map until I got to lieutenant and pray my 4x4 radars had extra equips. Also, I do notice that in tournaments, equips you radar can also be "Empty Container", and there are times when you can radar absolutely NOTHING for several teleports. You also CANNOT DEPOSIT FUEL in Tournaments as I realized, which sucks because I wanted others to know I was low fuel...

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Don't you fools get tired of tournaments?
Buy a console...

- Posted by kick rocks buddy