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Skeleton Key,
I'm not down playing anything. I was attacked for saying AoM was sexy and the main talking point thrown at me was, "you didn't win/earn those awards yourself on that tank and only put a DoT"..... Alden.... you didn't win those awards that you traded for on your full set tank. My globe master tank is all earned myself. No trades, no buying or gifted, so until you actually have a full set tank that you completely earn yourself then i would like you to shush.... see you on the field.

- Posted by Globe Master

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Skeleton Key,
Also, stop downplaying trades.... You didn't earn the awards you traded for. it wasn't your map that won PH. btw i wasn't the one that brought up this "win your own awards" talking point.... it you was you and plot so it's ironic coming from people that traded for awards they didn't earn.

- Posted by Globe Master

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I want to give a special heart felt thank you to the following players who have so generously helped me and my wife out at this time of need.
Globe Daddy
All the love in the world to you guys, from my wife and I, we say thank you!

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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Coward. My tank is a sergeant and you close out the browser to avoid being destroyed?

- Posted by Basterds


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Pavan- the community big mouth retard. So retarded he doesn't even know how special he is.

- Posted by PavanLOL


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here's my bronze cup.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Once upon a time I placed third in a tourney, and was bestowed a magnificent Bronze cup in all of it's glory. The End

- Posted by EBAH

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Came in 6th in my first tournament since joining

- Posted by Basterds