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Ultra Magnus Globe Daddy That map tests your skills and abilities, which is why people think it's an awful map to play on.

At the least it is a new concept that breaks the monotony of tourney play (fill, rank, pph, sugar, etc).

I support it because it's a move in the right direction. The map has it's flaws, but it has it's merit as it challenges players.

If you attack this map you must attack all the other poorly made maps (90% of them).

- Posted by JiminyChen

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Personally, I would make some changes to it, but it doesn't mean it's a push in the right direction. This game doesn't have much to offer once you master the basics, this map at least creates some chaos and challenges your creativity in play.

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- Posted by JiminyChen

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MamaXiangQi Globe Daddy two losers who don't even play the game arguing about who make worse maps, the fact is you both made terrible maps, only one of you managed to get an award for it

- Posted by sad life

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man globe...for not caring about some 'pixel award' you sure got triggered and started swinging your decorated pixel wang

- Posted by CKPA2020


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Ultra Magnus , did I hurt your friend's feelings? That sucks that Globe Daddy suddenly become so defensive that he needs to speak for the community and make 4 posts to counter 1 of mine. There's so much collusion in tournaments that I don't even waste anymore time playing. I bet selling the sexy tank doesn't even constitute the $5 per hour by how much time Globe invested in this game. Still really big loss that you two suckers care so much about how much I suck.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi