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PPH is such a turn on. You repeatedly take each other's loads.

- Posted by DESERT HOE

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FINAL ANSWER: 80% Votaic is Checkmate/EPIC8/Blurr. Always has multiple 100 hour tanks yearly. Multiple 'secret' tanks NapBone/drinkhooch. Lock it up.
20% left it could be Globe.
No % left. Definitely one of those two.

- Posted by CKPA2020

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lmao. You guys are clowns. I've played plenty of times while Voltaic was in game. I've even had pph sessions with the guy so if that's me then I must be cheating hard! I've only average 350 hrs a year with my main tank of that year and minor ones in total, so why would I all of a sudden put over 700hrs in 6 months? The level of mental gymnastics someone must go through to conclude that I am Voltaic is an amazing feat. You must have literally gone full retard, just like Pavan, if you think that.

- Posted by Globe Master

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None of those accusations hold merit. Wouldn't be surprised if you were Voltaic..... i might be on to something!

- Posted by Globe Master

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Poorly written? lmao get rekt noob. Only a soft a$$ marshmallow with a SUPER LOW IQ is able to shoot for the moon when reaching full retard. Good job bud, you just accomplished that. Now get a life poser.

- Posted by Globe Master

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I mean we do share the tank but why expose your partner in crime? I mean you do put more hours than me.....might as well be you.

- Posted by Globe Master

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True Blue Leader has witnessed a candy A55 whooping. the rock has laid the smackdown on the floppy noodle the poodle.
the rock is in the building. 3rd place after lvd your daddy and the commander of the blues.
packie boy looking for a new alliance, all over that doodle. watch out flowers, there's a snake in your garden!

- Posted by the rock


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Hint: Whenever Voltaic joins the general map, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS shoot Voltaic first.... He aint better than Hibbler or Smokescreen but he china be the number one bot shootin conflict avoiding newb Mama's ever seen... he needzzza some ganging up upon ta teach him some lesson put him outta his General misery.. shoo I NEVER seen Voltaic got killed... he ALWAYS quitting once he sees a disadvantage. Always joins a raid, but never accept being shot at.
Trust me. mama knows right.

- Posted by MamaXiangQi


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Nothing but <3 for the game, and for the teams and awesome players that play this game.
I am so grateful to get my tank back and start playing right where I left off.
See you all on the field.

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II

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NEXT CHALLENGE for Mama: I accept 10 vs 1 raid...

- Posted by MamaXiangQi