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nah man Globe Daddy js right about that map imo. It's an awful concept and really sucks to play on...
ofc look who made it

- Posted by Ultra Magnus

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MamaXiangQi ,
I don't care about the PH award noob. I also don't care if none of my maps won. Many good maps didn't make the cut so I'm not salty about it. Acting like I care about some pixeled award is too funny but you can keep reaching though. It's a fact that 99% of the community consider your map trash and won't play this game if it's up. When you got a map that is only playable for tournaments (if even that) then that's all you need to know dummy. Stop crying and accept the facts.

- Posted by Globe Daddy

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MamaXiangQi ,
I also think it's hilarious that you think you a skilled player because you cupped a few times......hahahhahahaa. Man you more of a mental midget than I thought. Makes sense why you have no LB award. my 9 specials > your 1 ph.

- Posted by Globe Daddy

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Say what you want about China and Tienanmen Square, but we don't have a population who fights to impison a teen volunteer medicwho killed pedofiles in self defense nor do we have criminals running over white women in a Christmas Parade.

MUHH TIENANMEN SQUARE MUHHHHHHH WINNIE THE POOH AMERICA IS A DEMOCRACY. Sad America, declining nation in a revolution and all you losers can do is watch football, eat fast food, and be sedated by comfort while your country goes down the tubes.

- Posted by ChinaLacksDiversity

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Enjoy your circus of democracy while your elections are stolen, your rich select who is able to run, your republicans betray you (dont forget Pence and the rest of republicans), and all the time fighting amongst eachother with the illusion of choice while watching fake fox news

Hahaha and after all this Kyle Rittenhouse says he supports BLM and bends over to the mob who wants him dead and in jail. LMAOOO SAD BROOOOO

- Posted by ChinaLacksDiversity


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MamaXiangQi ,
I used to own Cant Touch This so if I really cared about the PH or any other pixelated awards then I would of never sold the sexiest* tank in the game. Nuff said. See you on the field noob.

- Posted by Globe Daddy