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getbettervoltaic SAD,
when one person says racist shit repeatedly, over and over I consider that shit racist. Prove me wrong

- Posted by marys paper bag II

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I heard you passed Jiren, congrats! You are much better that Noodle IMO. Keep up the good work

- Posted by JamesChen

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High friends just wanted to update. Yall. I am#2 overall. Soon to be #1 .
James chen and mammaQi still tps biggest klowns
Voltaic and sinai you both together will never pass me...... For steve . 2 screen Queen nachos. Eat my D1k
Stay salty my friends

- Posted by Smokescreen

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I'm a God!
All you shall bow before me!

- Posted by Nightfox

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You're still racist, also all of my kids are bi-racial as well. Just because you claim your kids are bi-racial doesnt mean you arent a racist!

- Posted by Skeleton Key


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Oh the sugar MAMA me is what everyone wants to taste. Because all you folk have to do is see me falling behind the ranks and you come shooting me like im the bad guy... gosh where's the support from my team tanks? I say HELP- ENEMY, or Meet Me at (#,#) and nobody was there. I say Plant mines...Bot help, but then and then get like 10 tanks trying to raid me with diminishing armor. Come on guys, I cant run forever...

- Posted by MamaXiangQi